Monday, January 31, 2011

Slide Show -Schoonovers Heirloom Quilt

I have shown the quilt on my blog before, but it was hanging up and you could not see each block close-up , so the last time I went to Mom's I decided to take a photo of each block and was going to show them a few at a time, but then when I discovered the slide show, I decided to show them this way. I have names for some of the blocks to represent members of the family ,of course I do not have enough blocks for everyone  ,so we will try to add the ones we can as we go.
When Aunt Kathy was down for a visit ,I think we picked one for her but I forgot which one it was ,I am thinking we wrote it down somewhere at Mom's . When we made the quilt we did not intend to have it completed as we wanted to be able to add a few things to it each year .
We also made a heart shape quilt for Rexa (sister) and another one like this but smaller for Tina (sister.)I will be making more quilts like this, not sure who gets those! LOL

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  1. Oh my stars! You are definitely an artist! This is wonderful. :) Teach those grand children to quilt Cheryl. :)


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