Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Christmas gift from Mom

I knew Mom was working on this for a long time,she hand sewed every piece in each block, last July she asked me how I like it with the brown sashing and the pink ,I told her I liked it . She finished quilting it by hand in the fall and gave it to me for Christmas . She did not add anything in the little squares because she was not sure if I would want button 's or french knots, she quilted a small flower in each. At first I liked the idea of french knots, but we put buttons on it and liked it alot better.

This shows more of it and without the buttons , I still have to sew them on, but I am waiting for more buttons as I need 35 and only have 20 ,the walmart store in my town does not have the same color !
So the next time I go to Live Oak I hope they have more as I would like them to all be the same .

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