Saturday, January 29, 2011

Apology on Blog Confusion !!

Wow!! I can't believe I have had this problem for months now ! My cousin sent me a Facebook message asking if I have been receiving her e-mails, Blog notifications & etc. I told her I have not been receiving any blog notifications since I changed computers last summer ! When I changed computers we also changed providers ,therefore I had to change my e-mail address ,so I never did know when anyone left a comment unless I went to the blog each day and when someone did leave a comment, I would just click on the person's name and re-ply that way . Wrong.... I found out the e-mails are not going through !
So I want to apologize to everyone that left me a comment, that if you did not get a re-ply I am sorry for the confusion ,I guess my settings were wrong ,so it is all fixed now thanks to my cousin Susan from PA.
I would love to receive more comments and hopefully this will help solve the problem.Thanks for Listening .


  1. How do you reply? I can't get emails to go when I click on someone through their comment either. I've been just writing down email addresses and going through my regular email.

  2. When I received your e-mail notifacation I just clicked re-ply in my mailbox and sent you a re-ply that way. SOOOO much easier.

  3. I'm glad we got it fixed for you, Cheryl!

    Julia, in Blogger, there is a way for an email to be sent to you whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog. To set this, in the Dashboard, go to SETTINGS > COMMENTS and fill in your email address in the box for COMMENT NOTIFICATION ADDRESS. Click SAVE SETTINGS. You should now receive an email every time someone leaves a comment on your blog. :o)

  4. Gotta love how new, state of the art computers make things sooooo easy for us :)

  5. It worked!!! Thanks Susan! Yea!!!


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