Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Quilts And Tea Pictures

There was an area in one of the churches where they displayed alot of Feed Sack quilting ,Old machines and what they made out of Feed Sacks besides quilts .This first one is entirely made out of feed and flour sacks and called Trash can Quilts.
This art quilt was in the same display and all the little tiny specks you see is tiny yoyo's !! Some were on a tree in the art quilt and some were being used to make a vest.
They had several old sewing machines on display also I know there was a singer, not sure yet what the others were.This one is a National .
Another quilt with old sacks .Note the pink is just like the same fabric I have of my grandma's old blue & pink quilt I showed in another post.
A dress made out of a sack and a few sacks left uncut. Notice the machine with the flowers on it and the fancy silver on the main part of the machine is a 1923 Singer #66.I would love to own one of those!
My Grandma Schoonover had an old singer, not sure what happened to it but I remember pumping the pedal to sew with it and it was when I was pretty young and was just learning to sew. 
This is a display of a few smaller quilts just before you get to the Feed Sack section . I think they also had a class on how to use the sacks , I missed it, it is strange how I seem to make a quilt every year to represent something they have on display .I also made a feed sack quilt and it was hanging up in Davenports City Hall .I have it showing in 2010 - Nov. archives post.

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