Sunday, January 9, 2011

History Of Kossuthville, Florida

As Historian of my community I always display what history I have already gathered for our Holiday Dinner we put on every year.
I have been historian for several years and we did not have any of this information except a few pictures and one photo of a reunion in 1950 of the 25 year reunion . Kossuthville was formed by a tiny community of Hungarians that decided to take a chance on farming , most of them inmigrated from Pa, NY
A Mr. Joseph Nemeth was concidered a leader and helped to name the little community of Kossthville ,I have quite abit of information but it is too much to add to this, maybe someday I will have a web page on it , in later years when the fire dept was built, the local firemen decided to shorten the name Kossthville to K-Ville so that is what most people call it now. Mr. Nemeth had kept a Journal of the happenings in this area ,but it was all written in hungarian and donated to the Hungarian Club of Plant City, hopefully I will be able to get some information about that.  This year marked our 85th Reunion !
This is the tree I put up every year ,before it was just a few red bulbs and tinsel , I added a more colorful touch to it and gave the candy canes to the children.

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