Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Blog and Header

Wow ! Its been almost 2 days since I posted anything . I do not have any picture for this one as I really need to compliment my cousin Susan for all the help she has done to get me started with this Blog .
It took us a few days ,she told me basicaly what I needed to do , I had a pretty good idea what I wanted , first I was wanting the mural on the header and then maybe a couple quilts scattered around it , we found out that would not work so I took some pictures of my sewing and art supplies and and she took some of the pictures I had already posted on the blog , Susan designed the header for me and I love it , She did  an excellent job !! Then she added all the extra's for me too . If I had done it myself it would not look this good ,I am proud of her and thank her with all my heart ,Thank you Cousin Sue !


  1. Suzie designed the header for my craft blog as well. She is really talented when it comes to that! I really like the way she has yours done!

  2. You're more than welcome, Cheryl! It was fun to do and I'm always willing to help if you need it, but it looks like you have it all figured out now!


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