Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grandson's Outer Space Room

The same week I painted the girls room I painted the boys room too, with my daughters help we painted the wall this deep blue ,as I started painting the planets I told DeeDee that it sure isn't going to look right with a white ceiling , so we went back to Home Depot and got some more blue paint ,of course the ceiling was a popcorn ceiling !
So after struggling to get it painted I was able to finish on the planets ,Sun ,gassy stars ,comets and the space shuttle .
The hardest part was making clouds and stars on the ceiling with a few comets .I had to use a sponge to get the cloudy look ,one  even looks like the milky way . We also purchased the glow in the dark stars, but we had to use the new liquid nails to get them to stay .
Then a surprise when I painted the window the same shade of blue ! I was painting a comet and accidently scratched the paint , pesto ! Magic stars !
The light from out side made it look so real .
 I was afraid it would be too dark, but not for them ,the boys loved it !

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