Monday, March 8, 2010

Grand-daughters mural

This is part of a mural I painted for my grand-daughters room 3 or 4 years ago ,this was really a challage because the 2 girls shared a room , I asked them what would they like painted on their walls ,the oldest one Heather wanted Dolfin's and the younger one Cheyenne wanted flowers, birds and butterflies !
Wow ! I wonder how I should do this ,then got to thinking I will start with the ocean with the Dolfins and have it go onto land with rocks trees and etc then further around the room I started the flowers with birds & butterflies  .So when we started out we painted the room half blue and half pink !
  I painted the ocean with the waves and part of the land all in one afternoon ,I painted the dolfins last as well as the flowers birds and butterflies ,these were all done on another day.I like to leave all the detail work for last .

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