Friday, March 12, 2010

Schoonover's Heirloom Quilt

I got the idea of making this crazy quilt one day while we were all sitting in Mom's living room looking at her quilt books .I fell in love with some of the designs we saw in the books .I dreamed of us having a heirloom qiult ,so Mom Rexa and I all started to make the blocks  , we decided to add some lace & trims ,then we divided them up , we each took them home ,Mom & I did quite a few ,for about a year they were all put aside because we were waiting for Rexa and Tina to do some of the embroidery work , they both worked, but they did manage to do a little bit ,then Mom & I decided we will just go ahead and finish the quilt ,if I am not mistaken seems like Brandy, Jennifer & Samantha might have embroidered a couple .
Then we started putting the blocks together onto the black velvet, it was very compilcated because of the velvet being so flimsy compared to the heavy blocks ,we had to baste most of it, then added the boarder the same way  which was a embossed fabric.
The best part of it was adding family heirlooms , like buttons ,old jewerly , pins labels & etc .We have it so some of the blocks represents a family member.On some of them we added craft buttons like chickens, cows, barn & etc for Grandpa Goodwin ,Ameriacn Legion -train buttons for Daddy.Tea pot & cup,nurse hat ,flowers & etc for Grandma Schoonover.We left some of it blank for others to add to on down the road  .
 We entered the quilt in the Quilt Show at Stephen Foster Quilt Show and recieved a blue Ribbon - 1 st place for that and the show was named for crazy quilts,so we had it finished in time  . I took it home with me to enter in the Davenport Quilts & Tea Show ,I could not believe all the compilments !
The Quilt is right now at Mom's house on a quilt rack  .I was hoping she would put it on the sofa, but she is afraid it will get messed up .


  1. What a lovely quilt. It is so unique that you had the family members work on it too. It is certianly one that you and your Mom can be proud of. I am glad you won the blue ribbon, you deserve it for that!

  2. Thank you !
    I was looking for the last one Mom made in heart shapes,I guess I took the pictures off after having them made up,I will just go to my sisters and take another picture ,she is doing hand work on it .
    I will make a post on that later, maybe by next week.


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