Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Motion With New Janome 6500

The Quilted Table Top above is a sample I made and quilted with my new Janome Sewing machine .I liked it so well I gave it as a gift at Christmas time .
This Christmas Table Top is one my mom made for her table and she asked me to machine quilt it ,however this one was done on the old singer machine .
I made several silk and satin pillows with  different free motion designs I drew myself for Christmas gifts last year , unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of those , I just love using the new machine , I had discovered that the tension on the free motion sewing was off ,so I had mentioned it to the quilt shop owner where I brought the machine , she told me I needed a special bobbin case !!! Wow ,who knew ! So I ended up buying that and I love it !
 I have not used the new machine very much but I plan to get started again soon . I still cannot believe I got the machine at a great discount !

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