Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buses and School Houses

This is a small Wall hanging I did for my sister and daughter , they both work with the schools and the buses  .My sister is now in the office and has one of them behind her desk.
My Daughter has had some for a raffle or 2 and I have made several different ones to sell .
I had so much fun making all of them , some were easy ,some a little bit harder .I had to make some of the buses and school houses myself , everything was ironed onto wonder under and then cut out , ironed on to the back ground and then machine stitched  . There must have been at least 5 different designs ,of course there was no 2 just alike , I also made some for the bus Rodeo and made the buses look like a bull and those were really cute  . I don't think I have a picture of that stored ,but I will try to find one and post it  . In the meantime here is another one  .

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