Monday, March 15, 2010

Mural of K-Ville Assembly Church in Florida

This is some close up pictures of the mural I have posted on the header .I better start at the beginning , I met Robin Franklin , Pastors wife of K-Ville Assembly of God ,at our community yard sale in 2004 we were all selling crafts as well as yard sale items , at the time I had some of my gourds for sale and Robin was talking about them and admiring the paint work ,when I told her I painted them, she wanted to see more of my work, so I showed her my collection of photos on murals ,gourds and just paintings , She then told me about the church mural they had was needing a touch up job and wanted to know if I was interested .
I told her yes I was that we could get together and talk it over with her husband Britt Franklin ,so I started the job the first part of March after going for the paint and etc. I used outside latex acrylic paints from Lowes ,started out having to have the wall cleaned off first with  a pressure washer .
 My husband Royce and the pastor helped to set up a scaffolding for me to stand on . The first few days it was pretty windy and cool, but I knew I needed to get as much done as I could because of the sun moving back north .
It took me the better part of March to get it done ,of course I did not work on it everyday ,but I really had fun doing this!
If you will note on the close up of the oak tree on the top left there are real lilies and painted lilies ,and they happen to be blooming while I was painting ,amazing !

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