Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WaterColor Quilt

I have so many different flower squares I doubt I could count them right off ,it took me a long time just to get them in the order that I have it , Mom did not think she was going to get her wall back .Haha
Anyway I cannnot remember for sure why I did not finish it , I do know that the quilting design I wanted to use was not going to work as the chalk lines would not show up good and then when I did try to quilt it I used the wrong type of backing !! It was a sheet ,never again! So I spent a long time ripping out the stitching and some was so tiny I made a couple holes in it, so I had to replace a some of squares ,then I used a light weight backing and changed the quilting design and I got most of that done but still lack about 25 inches on the top ,I think the reason I put it away was because  the machine I was using at the time messed up on me (Phaff). It was a machine Mom gave to me and I used it to machine quilt alot of my quilts ,the first one being the Under water Quilt .So I now have a new machine , I guess it is time to finish this quilt and get it ready for the next quilt show .


  1. It's beautiful, Cheryl! I have a quilt that I started hand quilting a long time ago, but gave up on for the same reasons. I don't like the backing or the batting. One of these days I'm going to take it apart and start it over!

  2. Thank you ! I am in hopes to get it finished soon ... I really need to make more room where I am sewing ...It is kinda crowded in my bedroom ... I usually do most of that kind of work at Mom's, but I have 2 others I need to finish when I get there this summer , I am hoping to have at least 3 large quilts for the show this year .If Only ......


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