Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tiered Pots

My sister Tina started this last summer ,I think she saw this somewhere else and decided to make one  . Mom and I loved it so much we both made one for ourselves ,except we did not use the bricks around the bottom ,Mom's is on her patio ,mine is in front between the evergreen trees .Tina's plants are beautiful , Mom and I bought a few and then used  what we could find at home  , I took a picture of mine but forgot to load it to the blog .Most of the plants are still here ,not sure about Mom's & Tina's .I love the way Tina's hang over the side.


  1. How is that done???? So cool! I've never seen it before. Is it easy to disassemble to store over winter? Again, very cool and such a conversation piece!

  2. Very cool! What is the base for it and what kind of center rod did you use?

  3. Oh ,I am sorry I did not mention how we did this ! Ok Tina's is larger than mine & Mom's so I think she use a 8 to 10 foot steel rebar rod.She did not have a base except the bottom pot is plastic , the bar needs to be longer than the height of the pots at least a foot into the ground and then she placed the red bricks around the bottom pot .you have to fill the pots as you stack them. I would think they would be easy to take apart for the winter ,we did not take ours apart because we live in Florida .I think it might be easier to maybe use some kind of tubing on the rod between each filling for easier removeal.

  4. I just looked at the picture agian , Tina put the pot on top of the bricks .I have mine directly on the ground .


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