Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yard Sale Find - Milk Bowls ??

I found these at a yard sale a month ago ...they look so much like my Grandmothers dark Brown Milk Bowl. I am wondering if anyone knows if these are the same .All it says on the bottom is ovenware made in the USA with a 9 in the center of it .I have no idea if they are worth anything or not but I love them because they look old and like Grandma's Milk Bowl. I have had the bowl for years ,it was a favorite ,  because she always made yeast bread and cinnimom rolls from it and she taught me how to make them too . I have it with my other earthwear collection now , I cannot use it anymore as it has a crack in it and I do not think it can be repaired  .The 2 bowls I have are about 9 inches in diameter and Grandma's is 12". I will more than likely just keep them for show rather than use them as I don't want anthing to happen to them ,even if they are not worth anything ,I still love them .


  1. You did GOOD!! These are fantastic!!
    I have a huge collection of the crock bowls,all different colors and sizes but I have no idea what they are worth. I buy them because I like them .
    I have about 50 of them !!!

  2. The bowls are all beautiful! Anytime you find something that you love (no matter if it's worth a lot of money or not) it's a good deal!


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