Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fall color Table top

One day I took my sister with me to HeartFelt Quilt Shop just so she could see all the beautiful fabrics and quilts ,we saw a table top hanging from the wall and fell in love with the pattern it was Fall fabrics with Christmas on the back, we noticed that they had a pattern to sell ,but I thought I could make it without the pattern .
So I decided to draw the pattern, color it in ,I did that after we got home ,so I was trying to do this by memory .But at the same time while we were still there I told her to pick out her colors and I would teach her to quilt .We brought alot of fabric . I can't begin to tell you the fabric was expensive ! However I used that little card that comes in handy sometimes !
Ok so then after we get home I draw out the pattern and then a few days later we decided to start cutting the strips ,my sister asked me to cut and she would sew them together ,but it did not work out that way she had something else that had to be done  .So I started to sew them together and then cut agian to make it look like the drawing ...... oh boy ! we forgot to get the size ! I keep working with it but ended up just putting it away , I found this the other day while trying to clean out the top shelf in the closet .So I am going to try to finish it somehow and maybe it will be done on time for Thanksgiving .I don't know what my sister did with hers ,it's probably in the bottom of a bag somewhere  .I will have to ask her . we had planned to make it revesable with Christmas colors on the other side , I don't think that will work the way I want it  .

In the one photo I just laid it out the way it will be finished ,I do not have the corn sashing on it yet ,I might change that .
So a lesson learned ............ Buy the pattern !!

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