Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mom's Dhalia Quilt

Mom's Dhalia Quilt she made a few yrs ago, each square has a diffent color and each flower is hand sewn so I know it took her awhile to get that much done before she added the sashing's ,then after she got it all sewn togther she hand quilted it . She had planned to keep it for her bed but ended up putting it in the Suwannee River Quilt Show  .
I think she got a ribbon for it , there was another quilt there almost like hers but different colors . Mom decided that if it would sell she was going to sell it, because she needed the extra money for her home  .
When we got there to look at all the quilts in the show I noticed that they had someone else name on Mom's quilt , I looked on the back just to make sure , we got in touch with the women in charge  .But at the same time another woman wanted to buy Mom's quilt, but this other woman's name was still on it ,the buyer did not care she wanted this quilt ! So after we got it straighten out Mom and the buyer were happy .
       Mom has since made another one ,she says it is for me ,I told her she needs to make a new one for herself ,she has made everyone in the family a quilt or two except for herself .That gives me an idea but I cannot do one by hand....... HUMmmmmm,I'll think of something .....


  1. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your pictures and your postings. I should have know you would be good at it. I am glad you are enjoying it and looks like you have gotten your mom interested in it also. Good going.

  2. Thank you Aunt Kathy .. I love doing this . Mom did not know I was posting this about her quilt ,I figured since I have the pictures I would go ahead and post them too .
    I had sent you a comment to your blog ,I guess you did not get it ,I will try agian and hope it works this time .


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