Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip To Mom's-1st Day

April 28th-Highway 27

Black Eyed Susans ans wild Phlox 
There were wild flowers all along the highway from Archer to High Springs to Mayo & Luraville 
Most of it was very colorful , these pictures does not do it justice !
There were places where the flowers would be very pink with touches of deep reds , whites and more purple too , and the yellows were really thick and close  together. I have always enjoyed traveling the roads to north Florida in April , seems they want the roads to look good and therefor they have less mowing to do .
Looks  stormy - better hurry 
Wild flowers at bridge

Bridge At Suwannee River-almost there 
made it to Mom's just as it started to pour ,this is the front yard 

out the back yard-it looked like a lake all around us 
It rained for quite awhile , Mom and I were prepared to get in the closet as there was really bad wind, rain and the thunder & lightening was terrible it even looked a little green out there ! It was over after about an hour, then we was able to visit and talk about the latest news .Tomorrow I will post about what we did in the front yard on Friday.

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