Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandma Ely's Quilt Pattern Renewed

When I went to Mom's this last time I had the pattern
 all cut, ready to Sew. If you remember I had posted about the picture below of my daughter and nephew on a blue & white quilt made by my Great Grandma Ely.

The center 

Sides-4 of these

I could only make 3 as I ran out of the white, it is ok as it was really just a sample ,however I was hoping to get 4 so I could go ahead and give Mom a lap quilt of it for her own memory of Grandma Ely, maybe I can find some more at Hancock's Fabrics
I laid the 3 blocks out both ways to show how it would look as a bigger quilt . 
I have made the pattern, so I will try for a new quilt someday soon.Maybe a red & white ,do I dare !!?

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