Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Yard Art for the Garden

Mom had 2 of these kitchen globes in her cupboard that had been there since she moved there .
We saw a clipping somewhere about using old bowling balls for outside globes (yard art).
So we went to the Family Dollar store and brought some half stones, 2 bags of one color was not enough so we ended up going after more .

This blue one is mine , I could not find anymore blue so I got the white and some gold, and decided to add flowers after Tina made the suggestion.
I used 100% clear silicone sealer .worked pretty good ,I just had to go slow so it would stay.
Then I was not sure if we wanted to grout them or not , Mom said try it , so we got some. I thought it was already mixed, but it was in powder form, had to mix it, I was afraid to at first because of the powder, so being really careful using glasses, gloves ,I mixed it .
This is how it looked grouted and I did not like it, but I think Mom does. 
Ran out of the blue again , 
found out Tina had some at her house so she gave me what she had .
                            I put gold around the bottom rim, then finished it here at home today.

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  1. Hi Cheryl! I like the globe balls!! My neighbor makes those with bowling balls. I've thought about doing that, since I am worried about my dork dog knocking a light weight globe over!

    Deb from


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