Thursday, May 26, 2011

Handmade Baby Gifts

My cousin Krista is due in June ,she is having a boy and his name is Matt, Mom had started the panels for a quilt months ago .

There are 12 panels each one is different and hand emboridered

Some close ups

Mom had sent me a letter back in Jan or Feb, asking me to make a teddy bear like I made for all the grand kids in our family ,she said she has the Winnie The Pooh fabric and did I still have some from another quilt .I told her I did and so when I arrived at Mom's this last time I made the Teddy Bear from her's and my Winnie The Pooh fabrics plus some others , the blue checks is in the quilt .
Close up of face

The back

There is a story about the bear , when my sisters & I started having grandchildren I came up with this idea of making each pattern piece a different color ,but the first ones were rabbits, not a bear , We had noticed that the babies seem to really love the bright colors and would look at it for a long time ,it seemed to be soothing to them . I also made and sold lots to friends and relatives. 
After I got done with the Bear we wanted to get it shipped right away, but had to wait on a box and then Mom did not have enough wrapping paper either, so I used this checked fabric she had left from the quilt  for wrapping the quilt in , thank goodness Mom had lots of ribbon on hand, so I made the bow too.

                     She let me have what tissue paper she had for the bear and I also used more cloth ribbon for this one.

Krista received the package this week and said she loves both and said Winnie the Pooh was her favorite!
Krista also decided that Mom's quilt would be the one to go to the hospital with her to bring Matt home in.Hope it is not too hot in PA for it when he is born.


  1. Thank you SOOO much for posting pictures of them wrapped! I thought the quilt was just wrapped wrong side out, so i didn't get as snap of it before i opened it! I thought wrapping it in fabric was a WONDERFUL idea! Now i have a bit of the fabric and i think i will make something to go with them! Not certain what yet...

  2. You are welcome ,sometimes we do what we have to do and the effects are amazing.

  3. You and your mother sure made one mother to be a happy mother to be, she packed the quilt to take to the hospital with her. It surely made a hit. All of Daisy's hard work certainly paid off and the bear was a hit as I knew it would be. We just need to pray for a healthy baby boy now. Love to you both.
    Kathy and Lou


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