Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day #2 at Moms on Friday

For a long time now Mom and us girls have been 
wanting these bushes and the front walkway taken out , the tree's were causing the 5 inch thick 14" x14"  blocks to pop up in places where we were afraid Mom or anyone would trip and fall from them ,the bushes were in the way of mowing the right side of the yard as Gary could not get to it from the back with his big mower .So they all decided we would get it done  ,.Gary used his new John Deere Tractor to pull up the bushes, which left big holes in the ground .
Gary's new Tractor 
This picture is of the walkway from inside ,I showed it yesterday .

Gary now using the front end loader to get the blocks up

See this Red Brick ! there is a tree root growing in one of the holes this is what kept me from getting it out of the way , therefore caused me to lose my balance and stepped into one of the deep holes where there used to be a bush, then I was trying to use the shovel to keep my self from falling more and made a big gash on the shin of my right leg ! Ouch !!!
Had to treat it everyday while there ,hurt for a long time .

This is how it looked after Gary made several trips to the garden area to get extra dirt 

This is the huge pile of leaves Mom had raked up ,Gary is taking them up to move out back

 All done and raked out
The old porch was ready to fall so Gary & Tina took it apart and then went to Lowes to get more wood for a new one , Mom and I have been wanting an bigger porch but after figuring the cost decided to go back with the same size .this picture shows it not quite finished .
Adding new flowers too, Hoping for new grass soon.
A job well done and another one marked off the list of things to Do !

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