Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wind Chimes and Rustic display


Mom had this log from the Evergreen tree that was removed a year ago ,she wanted it for a display of rusty items .Kind of plain.
Found this metal birdhouse (Flower)
Looks lots better here with more bird houses on it.
As for the wind chimes ,we had found pictures of them in a Birds and Bloom magazine .
Mom had saved it for quite some time and we decided they were going to get made when I went up there this time . they were fun to make , we sure had Gary busy drilling the holes though. I used thin copper wire so they would last longer, when we had a breeze Mom said they were making pretty sounds ,then when we had a bad rain storm last sat. the silverware on mine was spinning  straight out and spinning really fast .
 In the mean time we were waiting for Mom's neighbor Don to bring us some hub caps for a bird feeder that I will show tomorrow.

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  1. I have a small tote of silverware that i was planning on making chimes out of! wonder where that is?


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