Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outside Yard Art -Bird Feeder & Planter

Got this idea from Birds & Bloom Extra 
Mom's neighbor Don was going to a used parts shop ,Mom asked if he could find a hub cap. he said he would get 2 of them ,Notice it is perfect for this .where the small hub is the magazine said to use a coffee filter from an old pertculator coffee pot , this was already there so we opted out on the filter .and had Gary drill a hole to fit ,the lamp was perfect for this !
On top of the hub cap is one of Mom's old candle holders she did not want anymore, the dangles were already on it ,the base of the feeder is an old chimmy flue, came out of mom's heater that was taken out and I put that over an old floor lamp , I used most of the lamp to put this together with, the bottom and the very top plastic is from where the lights used to be ,so on top of the candle holder I made it so she can have a flower pot on top and feeder on the hub cap but it can also be used for water.
There are all kinds of metals and etc hanging from the hub cap with copper wire ,We had the bowl on there ,Mom liked it but Tina said no use the bowl for one of the wind chimes you saw yesterday.
I have the hub cap for me one, but need to find the rest either around my house or at the thrift store , or any  place where things are being thrown out ,I like the saying" One man's junk is another mans treasure" !

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