Monday, April 25, 2011

My Craft and Storage Shed

This shed was given to us by a neighbor friend ,he had gotten a new one and wanted to get rid of this one , he knew I was wanting one ,so my husband and friends went to get it and had it set up for me in Jan. It is not the best but Iwas desperate for soemthing to put my stuff in, as most of this was in one room of the house and some in the living room ,and some in a very small garden shed .

This will be a work station where I do most crafts, gourds and painting, I need to get a better table , I will get that later.Can you belive all this was in the house !!
I know it is not the best looking shed but I will have to make it look better as I go.
This is what it looks like right now , my husband has promised me he would put new doors on it that open like real doors and not slide like this, later on I may paint it and then maybe add a barn quilt to the side .I will be adding more flower pots around the left side & the front .To the right goes to the back yard and my wash area.

 The shed was carried in from a flat bed trailer by 6 guys ,then my husband & I were trying to get it ready for the floor by digging for the blocks to lay the frame , another neighbor saw what were we doing and volunteered to build the frame himself as he knew we were unable to do hard labor, my husband is on oxygen for CPOD, so we were blessed to have the help we did get ,then I had to wait awhile for it to stop being so cold so I could paint the wood for shelves and the tabl , finally he was able to put the shelves up with my help, then I was able to get it filled  ,There is so much more room in the house now .


  1. I LOVE IT! I have to say im a tiny bit jealous!

  2. I am envious to say the least! Your own space!


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