Friday, May 20, 2011

Yard Art - Totem Pole For Mom

I saw this in another magazine and I am almost sure it was a Birds and Bloom but it could have been a different book.Anyway I just knew I had to make one so I went to the thrift store to look for pretty glass  before I went to Mom's 
This jar was at my sisters in their garage ,I use a wooden pole for the base.turned the jar upside down and use 100% silcone sealer to keep it in place .
This is what I used for Mom's I had several shapes and she liked this ,so I used silcone sealer to keep them together I made sure I used lots of it.
Not quite done yet
this is with a large plastic tray ,Mom was worried about water getting into it ,that is a candle holder on top.
She opted out for this smaller glass tray said it looks better to her

Then she wanted something inside the glass but we did not have any thing except these purple flowers ,at one time we talked about waiting till we went to town again to get some glass marbles  but we was not sure when that would be as she lives 20 miles from Live Oak, but only 7 miles from Mayo , we went there twice but they don't have lots to chose form there.

In this photo we found the wooden balls at The family Dollar Store for only a dollar and thought they looked good on top . I don;t like the red an purple together , we was going to change the flowers out but I could not get it apart with out breaking it so maybe someone will paint it purple or it can wait till I go back in July.
 I made one for myself but will post it later.

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  1. Hi Cheryl, I am a first timer to your blog. I was attracted to your yard art. I have wanted to make one...but was never quite sure how to put it together. Silicone is the secret?! Aha! Now I will descend on my local thrift stores and see what I can make.

    Deb from


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