Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember This - It is made

This fabric was a gift from another blogger when I entered a contest to follow her ,I can't remember what the contest was about but Grandma Rockten said I won that week,she said I could make it like the pattern or how ever way I wanted , I chose to just sew all the blocks together .

I had the blocks sashing and boarder all together when I got to Mom's and then I decided to do the X's in the squares and then I used 2 different sencils of Mom's for the sashing and boarder.

I was not really happy with just the way it was , I wanted it to look more unquine,I asked Mom what she thought about crocheting a dark color lace trim for it to match the dark brown , we found some patterns and I attemped to crochet one with the very small crochet hook , 
I decided that was going to be too much and take forever for me to make, so when I was digging in one of my tubs of trims for the crazy quilts, I found this ivory lace that we had when we had the costume shop, there was yards of it left over and I said this would be perfect!! 

I love this ! I just have to hand sew it on and then it will be a nice throw for my bed .

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  1. Oh,'s beautiful! I LOVE the lace that you added to the border...FANTASTIC IDEA!!!


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