Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Crazy Quilt

This is another one Mom and I started last year , I brought them home to put together, then realized it would be so much nicer if we added more of the emboridery work and lace before sewing the rest together.
When I got back to Mom's we added more fancy embellishments and etc.
I used some Navy blue Brocade for the sashing,then because it was in different lengths we decided to add a red taffada square to match the boarder.
                We like this better than the first with the squares in it, then I will finish by adding more laces and buttons and etc,I still have to add the backing to it which might be gold satin, I have not decided for sure yet.
 The boarder is fabric Mom had gotten from another quilter that was giving away what she did not want ,it is burgany satin with fuzzy spider webs .We renforced all the blue and burgany to help keep the shape better as this fabric can be flimsy .
We plan to put it in the quilt show this fall and hope that maybe we can sell it later and split the cost for another trip to PA.

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  1. Beautiful! I hope it sells for lots and lots of money...would love to have you come visit again!


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