Friday, November 12, 2010

Judges Award !!!

I can't belive it !! I got a Judges Award for this Quilt!
The quilt was hanging up in the Community Center.
I have posted this beore and I decided to "Call it Mighty Eruption /Rev.20/10"
This next Quilt is a basket Weave called "A Whirlwind Of Color, it was in the Baptist Church
This next one is a WaterColor Quilt called "Flowers From Heaven" it was in the Methodist church.
The last one is "Feed Sacks Of Old ",this one was hanging up in the City Hall, I don't know who the Teddy Bear Quilt belongs to, but it sure is cute! The City hall had alot of old & new Teddy bears, Dolls and toys, plus old and mini sewing machines !

  My daughter-In-Law Samantha and Sarah resting down by the lake

Old Vintage Truck & Sarah
Sarah on the way home ,she had a great time ,unfortently we did not see the horse & carriage she was so looking foward to ,not sure why they were not there this time , The old old Fire truck was also no longer there .She ended up enjoying it anyway a lady from one on the vendors gave her a bracelet , her Mom got a camo pursh and I got a few pieces of fabric, some Tatted lace and use mag's .
I have to go back on sat to pick up the quilts, so I may go early and look some more, I always feel I have to rush when someone is with me and I don't get to look at everything . I did take pictures of other quilts and I will show them, I wonder if I should get permission before I post them  !!??

Sarah .... All Tuckered Out !!!


  1. Congratulations with the award, a beautifult art quilt! Your granddaughter is such a cute girl, a blessing!

  2. it. Watercolor effect on the basket weave is to remember to try that one.


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