Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Neighbors Delight!!

My Husband is a very popular resident of our small community. Well he and a few others alway gather together in the evenings to talk and check out the neighborhood .They also keep a watch out for crime (Crime Watchers) .Ok, so one of his friends is a gardener, my husband took me to his green house over the weekend and this is what he had in there !! The first one (purple) is a favorite of most . 
I Love this one too , the color is a pretty tone of green.
This one has like pink and dusty rose in it .
They get smaller as we scroll down and all are different .
Very Dark purple
Tiny yellow
This one the flowers are not much bigger than a quarter.
And this one is very popular also , it looks just like one my son gave me for mothers day.
I saw one last year at this man's house that was bigger than the first one and it was a beautiful green with purple in the middle . I was looking for it,  however I think he lost it in the freeze we had last winter .
I did not think to ask him the name of each flower but to me an Orchid is and Orchid !

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