Sunday, November 14, 2010

More pictures at Quilt Show

This is a wonderful quilt put together by second graders and the teacher . The students made each a block, looks like fabric paint . It is hanging up in the Library and can be seen just as you walk in the door.
This is also in the library , I remember seeing it last year ,I had to get a picture of it as it shows 3-D  art with lots of fabirc and popcicle sticks and etc. I am thinking it was also made by students of the school . All that fabric at the top is puffed out to look like waves in the water .
This picture shows more quilts in the library in a circle part of the room. there are more quilts but I did not get all of them.
 The next 4 pictures are in the City Hall ,the festival this year was about Childhood Revisited ,so there are alot of Teddy bears old and new .

This looks to be a pretty old teddy bear with a crochet dress. But its not old , the bears above were made by Graceann Smith.
This Teddy Bear is new with emboridery work ! It is beautiful and I admire the woman that made this , there is also a smaller one but I did not get a picture of that one . I think this one was made by someone else as Graceann had already left after the show and this bear was still there when I went to pick up my quilts.

More old bears and story books ,I think these are in another part of City Hall where the old Fire truck used to be, it was removed for reasons unknown to the people tending to the display .I do not know who these belonged to, if I had been by myself I probably would have gotten everyone's names ,but it looks like these are made by the Bear Lady from Lakeland. It could be that Graceanne and the Bear Lady are one and the same .
Now off to the side is this suitcase of a doll with a mini china tea set ,If you see some babies beside this, here's more pictures of them below .

I do not know what these baby dolls were made of but they looked so lifelike I could not believe  they were handmade ,my grand-daughter wanted one really bad . I did not dare ask how much . I have made alot of soft sculpture dolls before but nothing like these!
I just found out... Click on the picture these dolls are called Arnold babies .All these stuffed animals and Dolls are more than like copyrighted, so Please do not attemp to copy them ,Thank you !

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  1. Your quilt is an inspiration! I was looking for a volcano pattern for my grandson when I came across your page. It think it is way too ambitious for me but WOW.
    Trish from Smithers BC Canada


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