Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Done -15 More To Go

Completed Bible cover with embellishments
Front cover
Back cCover
   I have shown this one before I added the embellishments, notice the pink flowers that I painted with markers, some of the others came off old dresses, on the back I have the fan I brought from Pig Tails & Quilts, on the front is one of the Dragon Flies I brought from her too. I also have some emboridery work and bead work on it .This is an average size , I have 3 different sizes of the others .
  When I finished it, I was putting it on my Bible and it was really tight, so I had to make some adjustments ..yes I ripped out one side to make it fit, thankfully I had some extra fabric still there to work with .
 I have 15 more to finish, but I am going to have to put them aside to start more Christmas sewing and I need to get on the ball! I am just glad I have some of it already done. Hopefully after the Hoildays I can finish the rest to sell , the money I make from these, if they sell will go to a piggy bank for a trip to Tennessee to see my daughter & family, they just moved there from Michigan, I really miss them its been 3 years going on 4 !

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  1. I love crazy patchwork and have taught it in many classes , I cannot bear to give it away , Yours is lovely--cottonreel


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