Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sauage foam trays -recycled

Reconized this ! Its a foam tray from sauage links ! I was looking at it when I cooked some links the other morning and was wondering what it could be used for ....

Idea !!!

 trim off the edges  - cut in half
fold over so both show the ridges
Wrap with your favorite lace or trim ,insert pin to hold

These laces & trims are more that I found in my stash of sewing supplies in a bag , I did not want to put them back in a bag to get all wrinkled up agian after pressing them out ,so I thought the foam tray was perfect for the long pieces ,they can be stacked up-right in a shoebox,  I will put the appilcades in a plastic container & mark them.
 I have been trying to de-clutter as my sewing area is very small .
   Just this morning I found more trims, lace and applicades !!


Your comments are much appreciated.I would love to know your thoughts ,Thank You.