Friday, February 25, 2011

With Spring Comes Love !

A few weeks ago when it was not so cold my DIL and grand daughter found this Oak leaf in my yard , it came from the huge Oak across the street by the pasture .I have never seen one just like this before ,it reminds me of spring and Valentines day .I was going to show it on the 14 th but I was ill and was not up to posting ,
I am sorry for not posting anything this week except the S.S. quilt,I have been really busy getting all my sewing ,arts and crafts all organized and my room cleaned up .I have a shed that I am putting most of this stuff in and therefore more room for me in here . I  was so tired of not being able to move around and not knowing where everything was . I may take a picture of the shed later when I get it all done, opefully I will be able to find what I need now ! I still have alot more to do,so maybe by next week I will be posting more often.

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