Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double Knit Rug

Made by Mom.
Mom started making these about 6 years ago when her friend Zelda showed her how to make them, as when they were going to Janes for quilt day, she had alot of them throughout the quilt house and Mom was interested in making them .
Mom had ton's of double knit given to her shortly after that and she has made so many I cannot keep count !
They are made by cutting 2 inch squares  folded in half like a triangle and lapped over each one to be sewn down the center and then roll after roll all the way around , the base of the rug is heavy duck fabric .
She has made the square, rectangle ,round and oval shape ones .I have a few myself .
 My sister Rexa has made alot of them for her house and used as gifts ,they look best by using 3 or 4 different colors but I have seen some with just 2 colors .I also have a ton of the double knit and plan to make a few myself ......someday !! .


  1. I had inherited quite a bit of double knit fabric from my late SIL. I didn't know what to do with it as I rarely sew garments anymore - sure wish I'd seen this before I donated all the fabric to a local thrift store!

  2. I LOVED making the double knit rug that Aunt Daisy sent home with mom for me! I have bought a ton of double knit since then, and i have my 2 inch squares all cut... now i just need the time to sew them all together!

  3. Katie,I sent you an e-mail yesterday ,one other thing, I too have gotten rid of something I did not think I could use,only to find out I could, I know it can be frusteraing !
    Krista, I am glad you enjoyed making one, did you take a picture ? Can't wait to see the others, so I hope you show them.


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