Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trenton's Antique Shop

As you can see this says Crystal Ice House with Coca Cola but it is now an Antique Shop in connection with the Suwannee Quit Shop right next door .
As you stroll through the shop you will see  many very old furniture and quilts .
Notice the quilts on the walls , I wish I could have gotten a closer look .I did notice the outer space quilt on the back wall looks similar to my Boundless Sky Quilt ,there is also a old crazy quilt to the right.
I love this black with pink it really stands out .
This huge buffet looks so much like my grandmothers ,so does the crocheted lace table cloth .
Very old  sewing machine, not sure the name of this one. it does not look like a singer and it is just sitting on top of an old metal frame with a marble top .
Both of these quilts looked old
A more modern quilt
Not sure the purpose of this rack ,the machine looks out of place in this cabinet,not sure it is suppose to be there.
Notice the details on the hutch and buffet
The old train station as you come out of the parking lot . I love train stations, they are fascinating, I can just imagine the poeple waiting to catch a ride. I love to ride them myself and have riden a train to Michigan by myself and then agian a couple years ago with Mom and sister Rexa to Pennsylvania.

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  1. I have really enjoyed your tour of the quilt shop and antique store. Wonderful photos, and it makes me really want to make a trip just to drop in. Thanks.


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