Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signs Of Spring For 2011

I can't remember what these are called, I have them in this pink, red, orange and yellow, so far just the pink and red ones have come back .
Almost all plants in this red pottery display lived through the freeze of December , I will be adding new ones later.
This white bush was from a cutting my sister gave me from Live Oak we call it the snowball bush .
I did not think it would make it but started blooming a couple days ago.

Grass! Not alot of the good stuff yet , we need more rain ,there is alot of green in the yard but mostly weeds !
This is looking across the pasture from my house you can see some bright green trees, finally spring is here !
Cows looking for grass, there is a slight showing of green there by the road.
So time for me to get outside and work in the flower beds, maybe next week, I still have to finish the room.

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