Friday, September 10, 2010


        Well now ladies I sure did not recheck my past blogs very good ! I was going over them and came across the pictures in a draft and said to myself, I better get this one out and then later on I kept telling myself I thought I had already posted about the heart shape quilt ! And sure enough I found it posted on another date  . You can bet I will be sure to check from now on .
         I am slow about getting my bible covers made as it has been hot plus we had alot of running to do this week, so hopefully I will have some for next week , I also had to buy another camera battery as this one is getting low and I did not want to get started on pictures and then the battery go dead on me .
         I do not like to post without pictures either so I decided to show this one that was taken the last time I was at Mom's, there was a huge Sycamore tree branch that fell during a storm, so Mom propped it up agianst the fence for her son-in-law to haul away and this is what we found the next morning . At first there were about 20 to 25 small birds on it  .They started leaving as I was taking the pictures .

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