Monday, September 6, 2010

More Bible Covers

The flowers on both of these panels were drawn and colored with fabric crayons I brought from Michels ,I drew them on taffada then used the iron to set the colors, after that I marked lines with pins 2" apart for the fancy stitching.
I did these on fabric larger than calls for as I did not know the sizes until recently, I have some extra different size bibles to use for a guide that my church let me borrow, so today I will be cutting them to size to finish up.
This one was cone using coloring pencils . Clam shell design.Fancy StitchingLace with invisable thread quilting
Multi color thread , all the pieces were done free hand ,no sencils here.Now to get them cut and the backs done ,I have another plan for later .
I will show these agian when finished . 

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