Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Samatha's Creation

Today Samantha (daughter-in-law) & Sarah were here all morning , Samantha and her sister Katrina are planning a Halloween party for the kids ,they decided to make most of the games and decorations .
Katrina's husband suggested they make some ghost hanging from the tree.
Eariler this morning Sam ( her nick Name ) & Sarah was helping me look for costume fabric in the very narrow closet that I have my clothes hanging in plus a half a dozen boxes of fabrics and old jeans (for projects) .I threw away some stuff that was no good, got out my Fall decorations & etc. well in the pile of throw aways Sam asked me if she could have the very old not so white sheet , I said sure ! This is her creation , she used newspaper wadded into a ball with a white grocery bag over that and cut out a square piece of the sheet , made the eyes and mouth , then used fishing line to hang it with , I told her to try to advoid the spotty stains , she said they add to it ....haha,. they will be hanging in the trees so she is not worried about stains , Me ,well I try to avoid them .But she did pretty good for someone who is not into crafting like I am .

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