Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fat Teddy Bear with Honey Jar- in Contest

I have entered this Teddy Bear Quilt in the Quilting Gallery Weekly Contest ! Please vote !!!  I made this before I got into alot of quilting I think it was 2000 or 2001 ,I did not have the free motion attachment at the time so I quilted it by stitching around him on a Singer machine and turned it myself . The whole quilt is fleece except the flowers and bow are satin, the bear is stuffed to look fat , I just could not resist making the honey Jar and of course the Honey Comb too .I drew my own pattern for this gave & it to a grandchild .
It was worth it putting in the contest and I made it just in time , it took me hours to try and get a picture of it on the computer and then when I finally was able to up-load it ,I could not find it !
I took a close up picture of the photo from my album ,this one never was on a disk
  I think maybe I will try to make a couple more, I know 2 little gr-grandson's that would love it! But first I need to buy fleece !


  1. You got my vote...because this is a wonderful design. Love that you drew it yourself, it makes it special and a winner.

  2. Cheryl ... This quilt is outstanding... you are so creative. I haven't seen anything you can't do when it comes to your crafts and sewing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Debbie and kat , I enjoyed making it years ago and plan to make new ones soon ,this time I have a Free motion attachment to do the quilting .
    Thanks for voting too .
    Maybe I will have better luck on the next one I enter .


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