Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Quilt Tutorial

Step 1.
My cousin had ask for a tutorial on making the crazy quilt block, I started out with a 8  1/2  x 8  1/2 piece of cotton  , the in the center I put a brocade square , it can be any size or shape ,some people like to start with a triangle .
Step 2.
 add another piece of fabric ,like taffada,  satin, lace over satin or silk
Step 3. turn top fabric and finger press, you can use an iron but careful of temp. All iron temps are differen , you want it set
for silks and satin, if you are using all cotton then a cotton setting is fine  .
Step 4.
 keep adding different color fabics of any kind, I like to blend it with brocades, satins, Taffadas and silk, even beaded pieces from an old prom or wedding dress, I also add lace to some darker colors not shown at this time, you will see some of that on some finished peices. Step 5. This may not be the same block but you can see where I have added more lace, beaded peices and embelishments, along with some fancy stitching from my Janome manchine. I will be adding more as I finish up, these blocks can be used for many different projects, at this time I am making bible covers, I already mentioned that in another post. I will also be using the 8 1/2 blocks for tote bags, the bible covers I made to fit the covers front to back.
I have shown a crazy quilt we made for the family and is shown in another post. The 8 1/2 blocks can be sewn together side by side or add a sashing around each block, they can also be use in a photo frame, shadow box or pillow of a favorite grandmother, your mother, an Aunt ,what about a father,uncle or grandfater too .
They can be treasured for many years as a family heirloom by adding a favorite jewelry , hankie , pins, button hat pin's and etc. 
I will show a completed block after I add all the extra's.

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