Wednesday, September 8, 2010

E-mail problems

E-Mail Failure
This has been a constant problem for me since I change providers ,it seems alot of people are not receiving my mail and sometimes me receiving theirs has been a problem too , I am finding out it may be some of our spam blockers and or virus protectors .I have no idea.
Therefore I have added another e-mail address to my information page .
 I have always liked the wmconnect that  I used to have ,we decided on cable internet, so it is taking awhile to get use to the changes .
Hopefully with another e-mail on my blog there will not be any more problems with others not getting mail from me .Thank you ,Cheryl


  1. Why not get a gmail account or yahoo account ... you never have to change no matter how many ISP's you go with. Just an idea.

  2. I thought about getting G-mail and I still might ,its my yahoo account that won't go through, so I switched to my Hotmail account for now. Thanks Sandy,I am still learning about computers :-/


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