Monday, September 20, 2010

My Two Little Artists

I was asked if the girls Chloe & Sarah could stay with me for an hour or 2 last Saturday while Mom & Dad went to town .
Chloe is 8 and Sarah will be 5 in Dec.,I gave them both paper, pencils and watercolor paint ,the first picture is Chloe's ,the second one is Sarah's ,I helped her with the roof ,door and windows she did the rest. The painting part however did not turn out as good ,I should have paid more attention to how they were painting,but I was busy with something else while they painted .

I am amazed that Sarah is drawing so good for her age and I think she will be a follower in Grandma's footsteps as she seems to have more interest in doing art . Chloe is pretty good but I doubt she will stay with it, however I sure hope she does .They have an older brother Bradley who is excelent in creating things and is also an artist .The other brother Waylon is more interesting in taking after Papa and his Dad with machines and machanic work .
 Bradley with his awards

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