Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two New Seamstress's In the House !

Saturday Sarah came over saw me cutting out more things to sew up. She decided she wanted to make a Blanket and Pillow for the new doll I gave her for her birthday.
I was going to sew it up , she looked so interested in the machine that I decided to let her try and she did a good job!

Then her older sister Chloe came over saw what she was doing ,so I let her try too.
This is the blanket and pillow, yes they are simple ,but I had already put the hearts on them ,however it was Sarah's idea to put them on.
They both did a good job, I plan in the near future  to show them how to sew a 1/4th seam with quilt squares ,maybe they will want to make a quilt  too.

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