Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Decorations for Fall Fest

I had fun stuffing this scarecrow! Then every time I went outside I would jump thinking he was a stranger !!

I still need to fix the neckline , I ran out of straw so I need to finish the legs and put more straw on him. 
This is a scarecrow I brought ,and just for the fun of it put all this together.
I was wanting some corn stalks ,but could not find any close by so my grand daughters &  I went looking for this tall grass, to make it look like corn stalks , it is not the same thing but will work, I have lots more to add to the whole display area and i will post those after Saturday.
 I did go to Lowe's this morning and they had the corn stalks for $8.99 !!
Sorry I like mine better, it was free !

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