Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Decorations at Fall fest and Home

Part of Display at Fall fest we put on at our community this past Sat.
More of the display
This is at home after the Fall Fest too many lights !

My daughter-in-law with 3 of my Grandchildren
Waylon in back , Sarah is the red head, Samantha and Chloe
                                                 The Pumpkins the kids carves last night .
Part of the display before the orange lights

                                             Where I put the Scarecrow display at home.
My husband and I are both officers at Our Community Association and we helped with the Fall fest , I was in charge of the decorating and made the scarecrow from a pair of my husbands old overalls ,flannel shirt and hat.I used a green candy bucket for the head , I stuffed the clothes with newspaper and then put some straw on head and neck We lost the straw on one hand and his feet. ,head fell off sat. night at community center and scared one of the lady helpers  then I jumped every time I went out side and saw him, I left him in the van over night sat, he rode with me to church Sunday morning!  LOL  I took him out after church and set everything up at my front door.
The church wants to use him for our Halloween  and trunk party on the 31st.

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