Sunday, June 12, 2011

Community Event -Beach Party

Sarah and neighbor boy sitting on pretend beach

                               Just Look at the blue lips !! Sarah loved the homemade Blueberry Icee . The Community of K-Ville  that my husband and I are members of  had this planned for several months , most of the planning was all done by our Activities Director,  Daisy Bennett and her husband.
                         Usually we have a spring Fling and Fall Fest, well they decided to do something different this time and wanted to do this for the last day of school for the summer. Part of the plans was to have a beach with white sand which was Daisy's idea to do this with the tarp,sand and have water sprinklers with it . The lids loved it! ! Especially the little ones , Sarah (my youngest grand daughter) and this boy went out there when it was almost over, so I got good pictures of them, I think the blue tarp and sand with the water makes it look natural.
  We also had a cookie (cake ) walk , fishing board game where the fish for a prize, pop the ping pong ball in the bowl for live fish , a Dunk Tank ,Treasure hunt and a couple other games, plus hot dogs,chips and sodas.
                     There was a good turn out, I took lots of pictures but with a throw away camera, so I have to get those developed soon., a friend and I are talking about making a blog and web site just for the history and events.
                      My husband is the Building Supervisor and I am the Historian so we are pretty active with our community and events,the next event will be the national Night Out.

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