Monday, June 20, 2011

Night Blooming Cereus

We have a good friend in the neighbor hood who is owner of a flower garden that sells to local Florist, he came over to tell us about this beautiful night blooming catsus flower on his huge oak tree.
So my husband and I went over there ,of course I forgot my camera so we came back to get it and these are just a few we took , Jim's son and my husband got onto the back of the pick up to get close enough to get this close up of the first 2 pictures .
The flower only blooms at night , there are no thorns and is also called Queen Of The Night -Dutchman's Pipe .

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  1. You are so lucky to live in FL and have access to such exotic plants! I was coveting the plant...already thinking "which tree would I have it climb?" when I realized you don't live in the Midwest. :( Oh well, I will have to adore it from afar! Thank you for sharing!!



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