Saturday, June 4, 2011

Remote Control caddy

I made this for Mom because 
whenever I would visit we would both be using the end table for sewing stuff ,our cups or glasses ,& etc.,  the remotes would always be in the way!

 So I found this piece of heavy cotton or maybe it was a dacron, not sure ,anyway I folded it lenght wise about 32 inches long ,sewed together and turned
                     Then I laid the remotes on it to get the proper length for that and pinned for 2 pockets
                                         I used a fancy stitch all around and for the pockets, there you have a Remote Caddy.... I made it long enough to lap over the arm chair and tucked the plain end down the side of the cushions.Really gave us lots more space , I have seen them made before in books ,so I decided she needed one too . She loves it !
      This is also a good idea for paper ,pens and what ever anyone wants to put in it ,extra pockets would be good too.

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  1. Hi Cheryl!
    I like this remote holder--it is so simple! I have a bunch of felted wool--I think I might try to make one out of that. Thanks for the idea!! You are so clever!!

    Deb from


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